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New Construction

HiMARK Single Hung SH 3500

The HiMARK 3500 Series is our New Construction Single Hung product line. The 3500 Series is one of the most popular lines as it is a quality product at uncommon value. The overall master frame depth of this window is 3 1/4” and offers superior durability and performance.

HiMARK Double Hung DH 5500

The HiMARK 5500 Series is our New Construction Double Hung product line. This is our most popular Series as it offers the most convenience and durability at an affordable price point. The 5500 Series is an upgrade from the 3500 line since both sashes open and tilt in for easy cleaning.

HiMARK Casement CA 4700

The HiMARK 4700 Series is our New Construction Casement product line. The casement cranks out smoothly for maximum ventilation as well as effortless cleaning. The window can be hinged on either side with the sash opening outward in a swinging motion. This series offers a whole new level of beauty in a window that’s also wonderfully functional.

HiMARK Awning Windows AW 4750

The 4750 Series is our New Construction Awning product line. The awning cranks out smoothly for optimum air circulation while protecting your home from the elements. An awning is hinged at the top and opens by pivoting outward from the bottom using a crank handle. This series offers a streamlined look in a window that’s also wonderfully practical in areas with obstructions.